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Fish tank fabrication and assembly

The fish tank assembly notes are collected on a series of pages. Please start with this overview of the assignment (pdf).

Structure and Flow Loop

The following links provide step-by-step instructions for

Sensor and Heater Fabrication


The following links provide instructions on making electrical connections for power and sensors

The LCD panel can be connected with serial or parallel communication to the micro controller. We recommend using serial communication to control the LCD panel. Choose from the following instructions depending on the communication protocol you are using.


  • Salinity control:
    • Obtain the resistance versus temperature calibration of a thermistor pdf
    • MATLAB code to compute the T = f(R) and R = g(T) curve fits for calibration of a thermistor MATLAB code
    • Notes on using an Arduino to measure (and compute) temperature using a thermistor and an Arduino pdf
    • Arduino sketches and libraries for measuring temperature with a thermistor. sketches, librairies
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