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Fabrication of the Fish Tank Heater


Each team of students is given a set of components shown in the following photograph.

Resistor Location

The leads of the heater resistor should not protrude far beyond the edge of the heat spreader. The heat spreader provides some protection for the leads. From this location, you can eye-ball the location of the screw hole, or you can mark the center of the hole with a pencil.

Prepare to Drill Pilot Hole

Mark the hole location with a spring-loaded center punch.

Press down on the punch until the spring snaps, leaving a round dent in the surface of the heat spreader.

The dent from the centerpunch should be obvious. It only needs to be large enough that the drill bit (next step) doesn't wander when you start drilling the pilot hole in the spreader.

Drill the pilot hole for the screw

Secure the heat spreader in the vise before drilling

Remove the burr on the side where the drill bit exited

Attach the resistor to the heat spreader

File the point of the screw

Solder the extension wire to the resistor

Add heat shrink to the resistor leads

Verify the heater resistance before sealing the heater

Locate the heat spreader in the middle of the large shrink tubing

STOP HERE: Ask the instructor about adding the sealant to the wires before the heating the heat shrink.

Use a heat gun to secure the end around the wires first.

Do not heat the heat shrink tubing until the instructor adds sealant to the wires.

Heat the free end and crush it in a vise to seal it

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