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Lecture 1: Introduction, Overview of Fish Tank Project, Fabrication of PVC Tank, Fabrication of the Wooden Platform

This class has three primary goals: introduction of the fish tank project, fabrication of the PVC container that we will call the “tank”, fabrication of the wooden platform. You will not need to bring your Arduino kit or hand tools to this class.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand the broad goals of the fish tank project
  • Understand the goals and expectations of the class
  • Be able to complete the fabrication of the PVC “fish tank”
  • Be able to safely and effectively use hand tools to assemble the wooden platform for the fish tank project

Lecture Notes

Hardware Requirements

This course does not have a textbook, but you will be required to use the Arduino Inventor's Kit, and the collection of hand tools that you purchased for ME 120. A complete list of hardware required for ME 121 is listed in the Equipment page

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