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Lecture 10: Measurement of Solenoid Valves Flow Rate, Preparation for salinity control

What to bring

  • Fish tank (with long breadboard, LCD panel, etc)
  • 12 V power supply
  • Your arduino etc for demonstration of HW4

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to derive and use the equations for mass balance during salinity control of the fish tank
  • Be able to implement the salinity control algorithm
  • Be able to use basic flow chart symbols to describe steps in salinity measurement and control
  • Be able to explain and modify the sample code for implementation of deadtime in salinity control


  • Slides on flow charts and top-down design pdf
  • Flowchart for salinity control sketch.
  • Mandatory: Take the online quiz 8 on D2L. Its access will close 15 minutes before the beginning of class time.
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