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Lecture 13: Last tweaks on salinity control, Fabrication of thermistor sensors

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to describe how the resistance of a NTC thermistor varies with temperature.
  • Be able to sketch and describe the circuit used to measure thermistor temperature with an Arduino
  • Be able to fabricate a waterproof thermistor probe by following the instructions on the class web site.
  • Be able to build a circuit to measure the output of a voltage divider for a thermistor


  • Slides on temperature measurements and thermistors ppt version, PDF version
  • Slides on calibration of thermistors ppt version, PDF version
  • Mandatory: Take the online quiz 9 on D2L. Its access will close 15 minutes before the beginning of class time.

In Class Hands-on

  • Instructions for fabricating the water-proof thermistor probe
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