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Lecture 6: Calibration of the Salinity Sensor and Using the Serial-enabled LCD

Quiz 1

Class will begin with Quiz 1, which covers

  • Salinity definitions
  • Writing user-defined functions in Arduino

Learning Objectives

  • Be able to launch MATLAB in the engineering computer lab
  • Be able to plot simple data sets with MATLAB

MATLAB Screencasts

Notes and Supplemental Files

A note on Interfaces to LCD panels

There are different ways of communicating between an Arduino board and an LCD panel. In 2017 and earlier, students in ME 121 used a parallel interface. To avoid soldering permanent leads to the LCD panel, we had students fabricate a wiring harness

Starting in Winter 2017, we recommended using the Serial-enabled LCD panel sold by Sparkfun. An alternative is to use and I2C connection to an I2C enabled LCD panel. However, I2C on an Arduino UNO uses two of the analog input pins, and we have found that sometimes the combination of I2C and analog input on channels *not* used by I2C causes problems. Therefore, we recommend the Serial-enabled LCD panel from Sparkfun.

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