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MATLAB Programming


Screencasts on using MATLAB are available on YouTube

Lecture Notes

Using MATLAB for Calibration Data

Refer to the separate wiki page for MATLAB code to perform histograms and curve fits to the salinity sensor.

Student edition of MATLAB

College students can purchase the student version of MATLAB for a reduced price at the Mathworks web site. It is important to note this is for personal computers only. Due to licensing restrictions, this version may not be be installed on PSU owned hardware. Please note that you DO NOT need the $99 version for this course (MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite) - the $49 version (MATLAB Student (unbundled)) will work just fine. You can buy the add-ons (toolboxes) later if you like. However, if you can afford it, the $99 version does include some useful toolboxes, such as the Symbolic Math Toolbox which can analytically perform differentiation, integration, simplification, transforms, and equation solving - which can be very helpful! ;)

We recommend that you use MATLAB in the MCECS computer labs instead of purchasing MATLAB, at least initially.

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