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  • Resources at PSU library: The PSU library has number of books about Arduino, electronics etc. that you can view online; some of them can even be downloaded (for 14 days) to your device if you'd like. To access, go to the and type in something like “Arduino”, hit search and then select “ebooks” on the left hand panel.
  • Student edition of MATLAB : Some students want to buy their own copy of MATLAB. That is not necessary. Please use MATLAB in the computer labs. However, if you really, really want your own copy of MATLAB, you can purchase the student version of MATLAB for a reduced price at this website ( It is important to note this is for personal computers only. Due to licensing restrictions, this version may not be be installed on PSU owned hardware. Please note that you DO NOT need the $99 version for this course (MATLAB and Simulink Student Suite) - the $49 version (MATLAB Student (unbundled)) will work just fine. And you don't need the $49 version either. Please use MATLAB on the computers in the EB325 computer labs.
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